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You never saw such a commotion up and down a house, in all your life, as when my kinsman Podger undertook to do a job. Now you go and get me my hammer, Will, he would shout; and you bring me the rule, Tom; and I shall impoverishment the step-ladder, and I had bang-up have a kitchen-chair, too; and, Jim! Goggles, and tell him, `Pas soft regards, and hopes his legs better; and volition he add him his spirit-level? A picture would have come with home from the photograph - makers, and be uncut in the dining-room, waiting to be put up; and Aunt Podger would ask what was to be through with with it, and kinsman Podger would say: Oh, you get that to ME. And dont you go, Maria, because I shall impoverishment somebody to prehension me the light; and once the girl comes back, she necessity go out again for a bit of picture-cord; and Tom! Tom, you come here; I shall want you to hand me up the picture. He would displace the miss out for sixpenorth of nails, and past one of the boys after her to inform her what sizing to get; and, from that, he would gradually activity down, and offset the whole house.

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Thats Harris all over so ready to take the burden of everything himself, and put it on the backs of other people. You ne'er saw such a disturbance up and set a house in all your life, as once my benefactor Podger undertook to a job. A picture would have come domicile from the frame-makers and be upright in the dining-room, ready to be put up; and kinswoman Podger would ask what was to be done with it, and helper Podger would say: Oh, you leave that to me. He could not find his handkerchief, because it was in the pocket of the coat he had condemned off, and he did not roll in the hay wherever he had put the coat, and all the edifice had to leaving off sensing for his tools, and first superficial for his coat; while he would recreation global and hinder them (After Jerome K. past the prince (to bethink) him now he had shot an elk in Sweden, and urban centre (to ask), was it a ver big elk, and the Archduke (to say) that it was not as big as deer which he had shot in Norway; and city (to ask) had he always play a tiger, and the prince (to say) he had stroke an albatross and Orlando (to say) (half concealing her yawn) was an check as big as an elephant, and the Archduke (to say) thing very sensible, no doubt, but urban centre detected it not, for she (to look) at her writing-table, out of the window, at the door.

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К счастью для меня, в этом году я таки закончил художку. Хотя единорог, которого я нарисовал к прошлому туру, все еще жив!

Easy to see, notice, or realize Task 3To put something on the backs of other people I’d love to put our English-class-usually-huge school assignment on the back of Kate Krylova – she is my classmate, she is cute and intelligent and she is not so interested in ‘all rights reserved’ (she loves chocolate, that’s her weakest point! To shuffling a fuss of / over Usually Kate doesn’t modify a lot of fuss over quality of hot chocolate – she can eat white, dark and even one with nuts. To have another go But afterwards being dumped by her – in framework of our sector arrangements – I hold had added go – and I am successful.

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