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To be fair, that's the word-for-word premise of Lysistrata. It was as well one of the earliest plays ever written, so hearing sensibilities have become a bit solon sophisticated since then.

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I shouldn't have been: you know what they say - you can shoulda in one hand and shit in the opposite and see which one fills up faster. But for the sake of the gamey - I shouldn't experience been so hurried to go posterior to school for yet different Master's. psychologist Reynolds: yea well, why don't you furnish me, ah..

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Do you e'er run out of bad words while you're still angry? Do you alter up new ones, or make riveting combinations of present words? Here are any of mine: : D "Butt-jerk" "Cock-smack" "Dirty, bloody shit" Sometimes these can be just as offensive as true swear words, if not more than so. :)Originally denote by Yellow Maranello 'whore-bitch' 'cock-ass' 'slut wench' those were me shouting at someone quicker and then i could talk, so they came out as one word and cragfast Those are good! : D I in reality read "slut-wrench" the first time, and that's good, too!

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