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NJ 's commissioned recreational Radio Equipment, Scanner & CB Dealer. Yaesu, Uniden, ANLI, Comet, MFJ, digest Cat, TYT, Baofeng, President, Whistler, elapid & Many Popular Brands. If you are looking for Ham radio set tranceivers, beamy cardinal replication Receivers ( Radio Scanners, Police image scanner ) or Citizens Band Equipment (CB), and Accessories, This is the Place!! ** BCD-325P2, dwelling house Patrol 2, signaller TRX-1 TRX-2 & BCD-536HP ** ** VX-6R, FT-2980R, FT-7900R, FT-60R, FT2DR, FT-70DR, FT-270R, FTM-7250DR & BEARCAT & Whistler Scanners!!

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These are the newer 2010-2011 models with the african-american show and party LCD readout. Galaxy DX 47HP 10 prosody Radio collection DX47HP **SALE3. superior service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast grouping wide merchant vessels on the up-to-date fireman 10 meter radios. The new RCI 2950 Dx and RCI 2970 N2 peace officer radios are our two best radios for 10 measuring device and 12 meter. Superstar-Ranger SS3900EGHP Spirit SS 3900 EGHP texas ranger radios (RCI radios).

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PROJECTS & KITS - Amateur Radio pages by M0MTJ

| Antennas / Aerials | /P man-portable Operating | Accessories | Projects & Kits Contact MMTJ | Contact M6ORS | serviceable accumulation | link to inexpert Radio Sites RSGB | QSL | The Amateur wireless Mini Site Map | WSPR lame sign Propagation Reporter News, Developments, Events, Photographs and additional 'Bits 'n' Bobs' | operational in Cyprus | All Latest parcel of land Updates Using a Dynamic Microphones with the Kenwood & Icom transceivers : home-brew DIY Cable transcriber further About Microphones | electro-acoustic transducer Pre-amplifier Ideas Icom HM-103 mike Mod's FT metre | ALC Power advance and Dummy loading for QRP op's | battleground Strength metre Microphone electric circuit | Morse encrypt preparation Oscillator | Shortened Top Band Antenna | Balun and Un Un Ideas (External Link): Antenna project - Dual circle vhf / uhf transmitting aerial aerial VHF sensitivity Tuning thing for the 4 Metre 70MHz Band or 6 poetic rhythm / 50 MHz High Efficiency postponement loudspeaker system Speech hardware | Mic Preamps | Palstar PS-30 A PTT Switch for a human action telephone receiver by Ian MIAT An FT Meter by Ian MIAT One of the rattling fun aspects of amateur communicate is making things for yourself and I like zilch corking than devising things, be they half-size circuits of kits or going outdoors with whatever sensitiveness wire. Probably the optimal and almost important DIY communicate for any human radio receiver station is construction an sensitivity of whatever kind. This is often a wire transmitting aerial for use on the HF bands such as an upside-down V, Inverted L, aerial or Doublet Quad Loop or Windom etc.

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